Hair designs begins with a thorough consultation and evaluation of your face shape, hair type, and maintenance needs. We will teach you the styling techniques you need to learn to look your personal best.



With each hair design you will receive a deep penetrating shampoo & conditioning treatment prescribed for the needs of your hair type and condition. Followed by a  stimulating sclap & neck massage.  A precision hair cut is tailored to your face shape, the design is then styled and finished to perfection.


Womens Hair Design & Styling-----$65 to $75

Mens  Hair Design & Styling-------- $40.00

                         Add $10 for styling or straightening of very long or very curly hair.  And for special occasion styling added to your cut.

Color Designs

Hair color is not just for covering grays. Whether we enhance your natural color or create a dramatic new you, your hair color should change with the seasons. We will evaluate your skin tone and eye color to help us create a color design that is perfect for your complexion and personality.


Highlights & Lowlights


Partial ----------------------------$70 to $90


    Half  -------------------------------$80 to $110  


    Full  -------------------------------$100 to $125

Add $10 for each additional color / Lowlight 



For addition of shine and tone enhancement
Semi-Permanent Color -----------$50  


For gray blending or tone change 

Demi-Permanent Color -----------$55

For a change in hair color or 100% gray coverage
Permanent Color ------------------$60 to $70

Texture Designs

Why struggle with hair that is either too straight or too curly? Our texture changing services are individually tailored to your hair type. We use only the latest technology and natural products to add curl or to remove frizziness.


     With a DDS texture design; we will help you determine whether your hair style needs  more body and curl, or frizz control and curl removal. 


Add Curl or Body Wave

$90 to $110



Karitin anti-frizz smoothing treatment 

$150 - $250

Determined by length of hair



Thermal Straightening


per an hour 

Usual processing time two hours